Grafana cloud live - metrics from Telegraf arrive empty

Hello everyone,

First time posting on the forum, hope you can forgive me if my post is not up to standard. :slight_smile:

My setup is as follows:
Raspberry PI is running Telegraf and gathering data from an OPC-UA server. This same data set is sent to a cloud instance of InfluxDB (which works perfectly well, all the data arrives there) and following this tutorial (Stream metrics from Telegraf to Grafana | Grafana Labs) to Grafana Live running on the Grafana Cloud, using Telegraf HTTP output plugin.

The data arriving to Grafana Live panel only shows the last field of the OPC-UA data, out of many fields that I’m trying to send. So the time field arrives nicely, as well as the last value field out of the whole stream. Other fields are just empty, as you can see in the picture:

Considering all the values are arriving into InfluxDB, I am wondering what could be the issue with this livestreaming? Could it be my Telegraf not sending the data properly? Or just Grafana Live still being in development and having some issues (as is nicely stated at the bottom of my screenshot :smiley: )?

I’ve tried to use a WebSocket approach instead, but couldn’t get it to work with Grafana cloud.

EDIT: just installed a local Grafana instance on the same Raspberry PI which has the Telegraf running - when sending live data into local Grafana the same problem persists… :frowning:

Any hints how to debug this problem are very much appreciated!