New Canvas plugin - Data link support for each element

Im setting up the new canvas plugin in grafana 9.2. and it look really promising. But i´m missing the support to add a data link to each element. Am im missing something here? or is it on roadmap for comming releases?.

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Welcome @mortenrydborg to the Grafana forum.

I have not had a chance yet to play around with the canvas visualization in v9.2, but this is just a quick & dirty field creation:

Thank you for the reply. i have acctully everything setup and created all metrics etc. Just missing the feature for making a field clickable with a link to another dashboard.

Sorry @mortenrydborg , I missed that part of your question.

I just poked around some more and do not see a way to make the boxes clickable to link to another dashboard.

Maybe someone from Grafana can chime in here and provide some clarity.

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I dont see one either. and is there a way to everything autoscaling when resizing the panel?

Hi @mortenrydborg,

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Please check the Canvas Plugin documentation page as it contains some small GIF’s which might be what you looking for:

I hope this helps.

@usmanahmad thanks, have been through that many times, but unfortunately it doesn’t give me answers to my questions.
still missing the feature to add a link do a field or “button” and the autoscaling feature, so when you resize the window or the panel it will resize in order.

Hi @mortenrydborg

Well, I played around and I think I was only able to find this setting option (which I did not see or somehow got skipped from my sight when viewing the above link).

Here is a small GIF;

canvas-plugin 2022-10-28 12-22

If this is not what you looking for then it seems like this feature is not yet available in the plugin as it is still in the Beta state.

The good news is that there is an active Github discussion thread where you can post your feedback about it and the developers can answer it.

Thanks @usmanahmad , but what version are you running? because i dont have that button in my drop down list (have enabled advanced elements)

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@usmanahmad probably has the latest and greatest internal installed. I dont see those features either.

@mortenrydborg I am using Grafana OSS ver 9.2.2

Just installed grafana/grafana-oss docker 9.2.3 and cannot see the button anywhere. is it not included in the docker version?

Hi @mortenrydborg,

So, I tested it out on Docker as well and it does show the editor config button there too. I attached a screencast (open it in a new window as will be easier to zoom in and view more clearly) which I think is what your question is?

canvas-plugin-docker 2022-11-04 10-36

Let me know your feedback on this.

Hi again,
Think we are talking past each other. you are in the first video selecting an element called “button”. but i cannot select that in the elements dropdown list.
like you have here in the first video:

Hello there,

I had the same issue as you (Button option not showing up).
What solved the issue for me:
Modify the configuration file by setting [enable_alpha] to true and then restarting the server