Need to find settings in Map Layer


I am trying to follow the tutorial on GitHub - FIWARE/tutorials.Time-Series-Data: πŸ“˜ FIWARE 304: Querying Time Series Data (QuantumLeap) . I am stuck at the point that says:
"Click on Visualizations tab on the left and set as follows:

  • Map Layers:
    • Lamp:
    • Icon: lightbulb-o
    • ClusterType: average
    • ColorType: fix
    • Column for value: value
    • Maker color: red

I can’t find these settings because I guess the document was created with an older version of Grafana.

Thank you in advance


Welcome @xanthi

What is your datasource? Createdb or something else?

Can you post some sample data text here?

Hello and thanks for the quick reply!

The data source is CrateDB. Sample data you can find on this link:



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I would use infinity plugin with UQL and jsonata to extract the data and map it

but since you will probably query the cratedb database you should use Orchestra City plugin

with das_pretzels as (
 select unnest(store_details['entities'] ) as obj 
   from berliner
select obj['name']['value'] as name
,obj['location']['value']['coordinates'][1] as lon
,obj['location']['value']['coordinates'][2] as lat
from das_pretzels;

Well, I managed to show the spots on the map with the Orchestra City plugin. So thanks a lot for your help!

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