Worldmap panel + mysql not working

Hi ,
I am using mysql as datasource for grafana where I have column LAT(Latitude),LONG1(Longitude) ,EDT( timestamp),SPDK(speed) I am trying to display speed of vehicle on map using Latitude following is my database Image

Worldmap panel query below:
select UNIX_TIMESTAMP(EDT) as time_sec,
SPDK as value,
LAT as latitude,
LONG1 as longitude,
UID as Name
FROM starlink_1
WHERE $__timeFilter(EDT)
Format as : Table
following is setting
Center : West Asia
Initial Zoom : 4 ,Min Circle size: 2,Max circle size :40 ,sticky lable : off,decimal : 2,showlegend: ON,
map data option
location data : table
Aggregation : current
field mapping
Table query format : coordinates
location name field : Name
Metric field : value
Latitude field : latitude
Longitude field : longitude
thereshold : 50,80,100
but no success

can some body help me out to figure it out what changes need to done here where If I inspect I am able to see data