Need help to build Grafana dashboard for JMX


We have a RELK stack and we recently started pushing Metrics using Metricbeat. We’re also sending the JMX metrics using Metricbeat Jolokia module to Elastic Search.

In our Grafana, the data source is ES.

I am looking to setup a dashboard for JMX settings. I couldn’t find any builtin Dashboard available for ES data-source. Can someone help me on this?

what type of jmx metrics you trying to setup ? is this for a java application let’s say kafka ? for example this picture from an article at softwaremill for monitoring kafka

run curl -s http://ip:port/metrics to see what is being exposed then I would try to build a dashboard based on what i’m looking to achieve from monitoring availability bandwidth requests /sec etc

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@allamiro Thanks for your reply.

I am pushing the Heap memory usage and disk usage from ActiveMQ (using jolokia) to ES cluster. Trying to build the Dashboard for Heap Memory and this Disk usage.