Elasticsearch Query in Grafana

Environment: Grafana 8, elasticsearch 7.14

I have a dashboard where I have variables for Terminal, Maturity (UAT,PROD) and server as below

The user can then select the terminal and maturity to display metrics for.
I am using jolokia and metric beat to send JMX and system metrics to elasticsearch

I can query using elastichead and see the data I need to dashboard based on the same filters the dashboard appears to be using BUT

when I have the following query

I see data (servers) for multiple terminals returned. This is repeated for other queries I have. I use elastic head to execute the same filter shown above and then AND it with one of the servers that should NOT be present but is in the dashboard and I get no data. Meaning as far as I can tell the index is correct.

Query from Grafana below. What am I missing

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Please check the Group by Terms and check the options under sign “>”
Fill the Min Doc count with 1 if there’s 0 or null.

Fadjar Tandabawana

Thx, all four other panels in dashboard now working as well.

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