Need help for a project about monitoring NSG in azure cloud with grafana

Hi everyone

I’m already trying to work for the first time in a monitoring project so it’s about monitor NSG in azure cloud with grafana,
So i have a deadline of two days !
Is there any one can help me please ?
Thank you

The project is detailed here below :

Provide the client with the service to monitor NSGs (Network Security Groups).

Client Context:

The client has over 100 Azure subscriptions and aims to monitor the network.

Initially, the first phase involves monitoring NSG flow logs.

Several configurations are possible:

NSG Flow Configuration:

  1. Storage account for Tier 0

  2. Storage account for the entire group

Another solution likely to be validated by the client:

  1. Storage account for Tier 0

  2. Several other storage accounts for the rest of the group

Explore how to configure Grafana for integration.

Deploy the infrastructure using Terraform, retrieve the marketplace image, deploy 3 VNets in 3 different resource groups, activate NSG flow with 3 interconnected storage accounts for Grafana.

For now, disregard deploying the infrastructure solely in private; we will address application security later.

Also, consider how to create shared dashboards for the business:

For example, I want a dashboard specifically for Tier 0 and one for TIER 1; we will have different storage accounts. This should be achievable easily. However, if we have multiple storage accounts, how can we proceed?