Can someone help - how to create a dashboard to show the standard metrics from Azure monitor for All VMs for all resource groups? Do not want to enable LogAnalytics or VMInsight. Just want to use standard metrics from Azure monitor

1- Aim - To create a Grafana Dashboard.
2- I have added Azure Monitor Data source.
3- I want to create a Grafana Dashboard which can show the standard metrics from Azure Monitor for all Azure VMs.
4- Don’t want to enable LogAnalytics or VMInsight on Azure Portal due to cost constraints.
5- Just want to show standard metrics for example - Percentage CPU for All VMs for All resource groups on a single panel.
6- On Azure portal, on monitor, it having restriction, we cannot show the metrics for all RG and for all VMs on a single panel. Need to do customization on Grafana side.
7 Using Grafana 9.0 version.

Please help. Its urgent.

Welcome @shilpi0306

Sounds like this webinar may be helpful for your tasks:

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Hi @shilpi0306,
Take a look at published dashboards for Azure Monitor data source on Grafana Labs:

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Thanks for providing these details. I have already imported these Grafana dashboards but its does not serve my purpose. I need to customize it.
1- I want to pull standard metrics from Azure monitor.
2- On Grafana dashboard, it should show the data like this -
Multiple RG → All VMs under multiple RGs → Percentage CPU for all VMs

The dashboards available on Grafana site does not suffice this purpose. Thats why I am seeking for help. Restriction is that I don’t want to enable analytics, insights etc on Azure because I am having budget constraints. If I can enable analytics or insights etc then I know that I can pull multiple data at single place using queries.

Kindly help…

Apart from it can someone help to anaswer below questions also:
1- Can Alerts under Azure monitor be integrated on Grafana?
2- If yes then how?

I have asked multiple queries in a single thread but I am stuck and I need help on urgent basis.

Thanks !!