Azure Monitor Configurations

This is regarding the configuration for Azure Monitor Data source and creating Dashboards for the same.

So I have been trying to integrate the Azure Monitor to Grafana using The azure Monitor Data source.

I added the required credential values as documented in this guide
and added a sample grafana dashboard for VM metrics (Dashboard Number - 10532). On the dashboard, it is able to get the subscription and list of resource groups. However, when I select a resource-group it does not list the VMs.
I tried creating a simple dashboard as well and here too, When it comes to listing VMs, I’m stuck.

I thought its a permission issue so I tried running the Azure-go-sdk samples with the same credentials.
And it is able to pull VM metrics from the subscription and resource-group that I specified (azure-sdk-for-go-samples/insights_test.go at Quick-test · vipinvkmenon/azure-sdk-for-go-samples · GitHub).

I also tried configuring it in Dynatrace and there too it is able to pull up resources/VM metrics of a given Resource Group.

How do I debug or identify what this issue is on grafana
Grafana Version: Grafana v7.1.0 (8101355285)