Multiple Queries on WorldMap panel plugin

i’ve tried to use multiple queries for this panel but it seems that it process only the A Query.
I’ve created a list box with the metrics.
Inside the A query there is the condition …and ‘$Metric’=‘MetricA’
Inside the B query there is the condition …and ‘$Metric’=‘MetricB’
so that they are alternatively executed depending on the selection.
The B query seems it is accepted but the only way to shows these data is to put the query in A query.
Is it Possible?

I’ve solved!
It works finally.
i can have multiple metrics, not in the same time, but on the same map and the metric can be selected from a listbox

Right, so leaving this here for anyone else who stumbled on this question.

Once you set up multiple queries, and add corresponding Data Layers to display data from those queries, you can apply a Merge transform which will enable you to display multiple layers simultaneously, without having to toggle anything.

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Awesome, @supertim just what I was looking for! Thanks for this…

What was the solution? I didn’t catch it.