Multi Gauge from different value but with wrong names

Hey folks,
I’m pretty new in Grafana. I would like to create a Gauge view from two values with a certain display name.
To be more specific, I get my values from Postgresql. For this case I have temperature, co2 and Classroom. My first attempt creates me 2 rows of gauges. The first one is temperature and the second one is co2. The name for the gauges is created a little bit strange. The first row gets the classroom name + temperature and the second row gets the name classroom + co2.

For both rows I would like to see only the classroom name because the values have already a unit attached to them to define them.

Does anyone has an idea how to do this?

I just answered my own question. I found out about ${__cell_X}. So I changed the display name to ${__cell_2} and now I have only the names of the classrooms.