MQTT Data source with JSON output : 0 series returned

I am a new user of grafana cloud and looking to setup temperature monitoring using MQTT (TTN) with JSON output but i can’t load any data in Grafana.

I use transformation to extract data from JSON but i can’t see any output in Grafana. Even if i try to inspect the data.

How should I do to debug this problem.

I haven’t any problem with other MQTT clients.

Thanks for your help

I am testing now different things for a while as well subscribing to different topics or simply to # of the TTN broker sending data in JSON format.

For the plugin configuratio I use TLS on port 8883 and Grafana seems to connect but I could never observe any data with the Query.
There a lot of post around but nobody shares the details how they made it actually work. If someone knows how to get work please share some more details so that we won´t die dumb.

Do you see anything in Table View?


0 series returned