Reading of json data from mqtt broker as a datasource in grafana

I want to know about how to query json data from mqtt broker which is a data source in grafana.


Could you pleqse post sample data?

yes its working from mqtt publisher.The problem is with sending json data from publisher to grafana via iconics edge platform
Do you have any idea?

:smile_cat: No I was asking could you please post a sample json data from mqtt here so that we can see what the json data looks like


You may have already found this, but the MQTT datasource plugin that you are using is fairly limited (and somewhat buggy). From the Github page describing the known limitations, you can see that:

  • Including multiple topics in a panel is not yet well supported.
  • This plugin automatically supports topics publishing very simple JSON formatted messages. Note that only the following structure is supported as of now:
    "value1": 1.0,
    "value2": 2,
    "value3": 3.33,

Is your JSON data structured like the above? If not, can you manipulate it before it reaches your MQTT broker? I know this can be easily done in Node-RED.