How to visualize mqtt-datasource json format


[1] Platform all windows
laptop A: paho-mqtt-cpp [client, 1883, TLS/SSL off]
laptop A: mosquitto broker [broker]
laptop B: Grafana server windows
laptop B: mqtt-datasource compiled on windows x64

==working data==
Topic: topic_name
an integer value


NOT working::
Topic: topic name
{value1:an integer number,value2:an integer number}

As per mqtt-datasource, the working format is

    "value1": 1.0,
    "value2": 2,
    "value3": 3.33,
however, i am not able to get the JSON format working, mentioned in the github. 
please let me know if how to parse JSON and visualize each of the 2 contents.


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @vlsireddy

Can you share any screencasts or screenshots of the problem?

And can you inspect your raw request and response and then share it in a code-block?

Did you find that note about the format in the MQTT plugin docs?

Thanks for reply.

I could go one step further. that was mistake in client code.


[new question/issue]
I see the table of value1, value2 and value 3 in the table.
value1, 2 and 3 being Json keys

how to separate value1 to a time series panel1.
value 2 to time series panel2
value 3 to time series panel3…so…on

currently, all value1,2 and 3 land into same time series panel.

i tried to apply transform rule and extract just only value1 related value it fails.



Can you use the data tab inside the Grafana Inspector panel to share your data?


2022-07-28 19:47:20.811,-78,-6,3
2022-07-28 19:47:21.260,-78,-6,3
2022-07-28 19:47:21.701,-80,-5,3
2022-07-28 19:47:22.161,-80,-5,3
2022-07-28 19:47:22.609,-80,-5,3
2022-07-28 19:47:23.056,-78,-3,3
2022-07-28 19:47:23.491,-78,-3,3
2022-07-28 19:47:23.942,-78,-3,3
2022-07-28 19:47:24.393,-77,-5,3
2022-07-28 19:47:24.830,-77,-5,3
2022-07-28 19:47:25.265,-77,-5,3
2022-07-28 19:47:25.701,-71,-10,3
2022-07-28 19:47:26.140,-71,-10,3
2022-07-28 19:47:26.574,-71,-10,3
2022-07-28 19:47:27.010,-76,-6,3
2022-07-28 19:47:27.444,-76,-6,3
2022-07-28 19:47:27.881,-78,-4,3


Hi @mattabrams,

any further info, can you provide on how to segregate/seperate the inputs.

if any resources online, plz provide.