More than one graph looks like straight line

I faced issue and couldn’t find the solution, may be someone aware of this:
when I chose one graph to show it’s perfectly okay

but when I add more to it (using ctrl key) they become just straight lines without any dynamic info :`(

What do I do wrong.
It’s just simple pg_stat_statements_mean_time metric, but I face this issue on all multiple graphs.

Hello! Both graphs are perfectly okay. :slightly_smiling_face:In first graph you have a query, where the difference of less than 0.02ms is displayed in more detail. However, when you have added your second query that has (compared to 0.02ms difference) drastically different time values, 0.02ms difference becomes so small, that it is visually displayed as a straight line.

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Hi Ivana,
thank you, I haven’t noticed that :slight_smile: