Monitoring with Grafana, NodeExporter, Prometheus and cAdvisor

Hello everyone. I’m new to Docker and the images I’ve provided below, so I’m asking for your support. I use Windows, Docker Desktop and all system components locally, nothing in the clouds. I made a docker compose with Grafana, Prometheus, NodeExporter and cAdvisor. The goal is to monitor the server where various applications are located (each application has several containers responsible for different elements). I wanted to monitor both the docker containers and the host (which is Windows). Can I monitor Windows with NodeExporter or only Linux and only WindowsExporter for Windows? Using NodeExporter I monitor localhost and Grafana shows me results like this:
node_filesystem_avail_bytes - shows three dev/sdd drives at /hostname, /hosts and /resolv.conf. 235GB each, and the system only has a 2TB C drive, so it shows weird stuff.
node_memory_MemTotal_bytes - shows 31.2 GB, and the system has 64 GB of RAM, so the undervalue is also shown.
Does anyone know what this could be due to? Could the fact that I have WSL2 running affect this?
Some more questions:

  1. How to check (what queries to use) used disk space by specific containers and free space?
  2. Is it possible to somehow divide the containers into groups (e.g. 2 containers for the first application, three for the next one, etc.) in Grafana and choose which dashboard to display the visualization for, or do I need to create a separate dashboard for each group?
    Thank you very much in advance for any help!