Custom grafana dashboard by node


I have several servers with same containers running on all of them and would like to know if there is a way to differenciate the containers from one server to another.

Here is an example :

Server A : master server with prometheus + node_exporter container + cadvisor container + containerC
Server B : node_exporter container + cadvisor container + containerC

The containers having the same name, how do I differentiate them in the grafana dashboard ?
Is it possible to create like a dashboard by node ?

Thanks in advance.

do you have some instance label or some prometheus label to differentiate them ?

I don’t think so. I deployed Prometheus with dockprom on my “master” server and then just cadvisor and node_exporter containers and the other servers. What is exactly a label and what does it do ? I’m new in the Prometheus world so sorry if my questions are strange.