Monitor Heroku app in Grafana cloud

Does Grafana provide a Heroku buildpack to send metrics and possibly also logs to Grafana Cloud? If not, has anyone done this before some other way?

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Hey @andreas45b1

While Grafana Cloud does not currently provide a package or Integration to ship Heroku metrics to Grafana Cloud there are a few different ways to do so yourself (cron job, promtail with Go, HTTP API push…) which others have suggested and are discussed here:

Also a recent Stack Overflow post here might be useful: javascript - How to send logs from a heroku app to grafana cloud? - Stack Overflow

We appreciate the feedback and will keep the interest and feedback on our radar as we work on growing our Integrations library.

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Note: for both of those you will need an extra instance (Promtail to get the logs out and Prometheus Agent to scrap the metrics). I believe Grafana Agent can do both at the same time.

By an extra instance, I mean a Docker Container running somewhere to take the metrics and logs from your Heroku and pass them to Grafana Cloud. They don’t need a database, it’s all handled by Grafana Cloud.

I’m still figuring this out so this may not be the best alternative, but I have made it work for myself.

I use Strapi and conveniently there is a community plugin for exposing the metrics, maybe you can get some inspiration from it: GitHub - XanderD99/strapi-prometheus: Strapi prometheus plugin