Grafana Cloud APIs to consume logs and metrics

I am using Grafana Cloud to store my device metrics and logs and now I want that data to my front-end app, so my question is like how I can consume that data so is there any APIs are available?

I’ve gone through the docs but no luck, all the documentation are available to push data and manage instances :neutral_face:

Hi @mineshp !

There are two different API systems to work with for your Grafana Cloud environment:

First, the Grafana Cloud API which is used for creating API keys for your managed instances (Prometheus, Loki etc) and for managing resources at the organization level such as creating a stack or restarting the Grafana instance.

Secondly, the Grafana HTTP API which is used for working with the hosted Grafana instance resources, such as creating a dashboard or setting folder permissions.

Note there are APIs for the other Grafana projects as well:

In your account portal, if you select the “details” tab for your Prometheus, Loki, and Tempo instances there will also be query endpoint details.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @Melody :clap:, it helped a lot