Mimir and telegraf


We are working on an azure environment.

We retrieve telemetry from iothub to eventhub.
We can push telemetry from eventhub to telegraf.
Then I can push telegraf telemetry to victoria metric.

Today I am asked to use mimir instead of victoria metric.
We have retrieved the latest versions of telegraf and mimir and grafana
Telegraf, mimir and grafana are on app containers under azure.

Is it possible to push data from telegraf to mimir?

What are the parameters to configure under mimir?

Thanks in advance

Victoria Metric and Mimir are Prometheus compatible. So you can push metrics to Mimir in the same way as you are pushing to Victoria - you need only right Mimir endpoint/auth (that depends on your Mimir configuration).

thank you for the answers.
we don’t want use victoriametric, but we must use only telegraf, mimir and grafana.
I start in the architecture of grafana, and i have a difficult to find a good architure beetwen iothub azure and grafana. I am asked to use mimir, but i have difficulty understanding how to configure mimir. I have following the link : Configure Grafana Mimir | Grafana Mimir documentation, but it’s not clear, for example : how configure between telegraf and mimir. What are the configuration files to modify


With the use of docker-compose we have evolved our architecture:
The telemetry data is pushed to telegraf, prometheus correctly retrieves the telemetry. we have “remote_write” to mimir.
Question 1: how can we do telemetry from mimir?
Question 2: when I try to connect grafana on mimir (basic minimum element (http://mimir:8428/prometheus/), I get the following error: “” http://localhost:8428/prometheus/ api/v1/query": dial tcp connect: connection refused - There was an error returned querying the Prometheus API"".
Did I forget a configuration to add to a file?

Thank you for your help.