Grafana Mimir Remote Write Metics/Recording Rules

Hello all, is there any possible way to remote write metrics/recording rules from one Mimir to another Mimir. Previously we had Prometheus and doing it with OpenTelemetry. Can OpenTelemetry also scrape from Mimir and forward to another Mimir?

Hi @aahmadzada,

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I am not an expert on Mimir but did you already check the documentation regarding it i.e.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the link, it is helpful but there is one issue. After migration to Mimir we plan to have Prometheus as agent only and on agent mode Prometheus will not have recording rules. Is it possible to mirror recording rules from one Mimir to Another?

Hey @aahmadzada,

I got the info that, the Rules evaluated by Mimir ruler can only be written to Mimir itself (the same cluster) due to how Mimir ruler works.

However, if you could provide us with a bit more details about the actual use case of that use (e.g. why mirroring rules?) Then I can ask the team and they might have an answer.