Metrics to dollar value

I am trying to figure out how to add a dollar value to the metrics being collected.

Hello @plotks! If I understand it correctly, you wold like to add dollar value to the metric that is displayed in singlestat panel. If you are on Grafana v6.7.3 and below, you can do it by adding Prefix/Postfix. If you are on current Grafana 7.0.0-beta, you can do that in Overrides (see image below)

Do you mean you want to show numbers in a singlestat panel with a dollar sign

If so, select the Options tab, go to the Unit selector, and choose “Currency -
Dollars ($)”

Alternatively, simply enter a $ as the Prefix on the same tab.

If that is not what you wanted to do, then please explain in more detail.



this looks good but how do I associate the dollar value whether its 1 or 5

I have no idea what that question means.

Please explain in more detail exactly what you are trying to do.

Maybe tell us what result you currently have and what you want it to be


I am trying to take the watts metric and associate 2.00 dollars per metric collected. I think this is a math option but I have not seen anything.

So, you want to multiply by two?

Simply add “*2” to the select statement in your data store query.

So, if your query is something like:

select watts from consumer where $_timeFilter

change it to

select watts*2 from consumer where $_timeFilter



I will give that a try thank you