Metaqueries not performing arithmetic expressions

I’ve been looking for a way to perform basic arithmetic on metrics from cloudwatch.

There’s a forum post I made the other day about how this is non functioning. I’m not sure if this is a known grafana bug or not.

Today I discovered the plugin metaqueries but cannot get metaqueries to perform an arithmetic operation either.

Bellow is a demonstration showing the setup and how this plugin is not working correctly. There are no error logs printed to the grafana.log file and there are no warning indicators showing to indicate that there is any kind of syntax error in the queries.

If there is a way to perform a basic arithmetic operation on graph data please let me know. Ideally I would use it to get a sum of other queries or perform operations to convert raw values into percentages of totals but before I can start doing anything more complex I need to be able to at least perform basic operations such as the demos in the grafana docs and plugin docs