Arithmetic operations - Elasticsearch Datasource

We are using Elasticsearch as a datasource. We want to calculate the percentage using arithmetic operations on 2 queries, something like (Query ‘A’ / Query ‘B’ ) * 100.

As per the link below, MetaQueries plugin can be used to perform arithmetic operations. However, when tried it does not work as suggested or maybe it doesnot support all datasources. In any case, we want to know if there is any option in Grafana where we can do some basic arithmetic operations.

Any help or suggestion is really appreciated.

Figured out solution on my own. If anyone trying this plugin with Elasticsearch datasource, use below Expression for type Arithmetic.

**Syntax:** (Query['Alias']/Query['Alias'])*100

**Example:** (A['Failure Count']/B['Total Count'])*100

Note: MetaQueries plugin doesnot support alerting yet.

Is it possible to use Min Max functions in Metaqueries? please send the syntax if anyone has used it.