Calculate Success Rate

Hi, badly need your help. Im using elasticsearch datasource on grafana 5.0.3

lets say i have data like this
component:A, status:COMPLETED
component:A, status:FAULTED
component:B. status:COMPLETED
component:B, status:COMPLETED

i want to show success rate graph/table, group by component. how to that on grafana that using elastic datasource?

You probably need to use multiple queries. One where you use date histogram and terms aggregation and metric count with query “status:COMPLETED” and another one with query “FAULTED”

Maybe MetaQueries plugin can help you calculate percentage of success rate.

i already trying metaqueries… but cant display query with percentage result , may i know how to do it ?

Please be careful with step to choose the Datasource, first use the metricbeat/logstash datasource, then you must add the MetaQueries using choose them and Add Query, then in the Add Query the MetaQueries will show again and choose it…

So, you can do Arithmetics calculation of the both query above…