Unable to plot % of count

I have below listed columns in the data.

Column 1 : Methods (Example: A1,A2…An)
Cloumn 2 : Status (Pass, Failed, In-Progress)

I want to plot a table with percentage of Methods with Status.

Like : A1 method has 10% failures

I Tried with nested query concept

Query A :

which gives total count of failures

Query B :

Which gives individual count with Status

But when I am trying to get the % using AsPercent function I am not getting the desired value.

Can you please help me in creating the Table Dash board for above criteria.


AsPercent is a Graphite function. You cannot use that with Elasticsearch data source.

Please refer to How to generate a porcetage of 2 query


I understand that with Elastic Search as Data source we can not leverage AsPercent OR nested Query builder functionality.

I have two queries -

1 ) The output of the first query is a table with Report name, Status and Count of Pass or Fail

The output of the second query is Total count of Failures for all the Reports

So What are the possibilities that I can use any mathematical expression to create a table with Report name with (Individual count of failures / Total Failures )

2 ) When i went through the page i understand that the Percentage graph is plotted as PiChart but I would like to have that plotted in Table.

Please share your inputs. Thanks in Advance!!!

Hi, please follow links and have a look at the meta queries plugin.

That issue referencing this issue whch in turn talks about a meta queries plugin, see comment, that maybe can help you (I haven’t tried it).


I tried multiple options to get the Percentage plotted based on outcome of two queries but i am unable to get the final output.

Do you have any suggestion please let me know


The only other suggestion is to use graphite as data source instead which supports calculating percentage of two queries, but probably quite a big change for you :slight_smile: