How to generate a porcetage of 2 query

Follow the image explain my issue, I would like generate a porcetage of errors , I have the total and totalErrors in each query , how to generate the porcentage.


divideSeries as you’re using are specific for the Graphite data source and will not work with elasticsearch. The only option you have is if you’re able to generate percentage of errors using one query. If I’m not remember incorrectly there are feature requests regarding this over at Grafana github repo.


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Tks Marcus .

Do you know how Can I make this in one query ?

No. Out of the box I don’t think you can do that with elasticsearch and Grafana.

Refer to this issue. That issue referencing this issue whch in turn talks about a meta queries plugin, see comment, that maybe can help you (I haven’t tried it).


Follow bellow , my solution for this problemsolution

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Hello @pedrofigueiredo,

can you please show how you did this?

@pedrofigueiredo can you please share your resolution as i’m unable to achieve the same.
Also as per other threads seems like it’s not feasible with elascticsearch. Can you please explain.