Elasticsearch results

Very new to Grafana but I’m having some issues with creating (what I expected to be) some simple graphs from ElasticSearch datasource and alert on them… Running the latest grafana v6 version for RHEL. Any help would be appreciated.

Goal #1- a timeseries graph to show the success rate ( A / (A+B))*100 of certain events in my Elasticsearch datasource.
The queries work and pull back the data as intended:
-Query A - returns count of success records as “success”
-Query B- returns count of fail records as “fail”.

The problem is that I don’t see the native Graph visualization allowing for any arithmetic to make a rate of success. I added the MetaQueries data source and was able to create an arithmetic to do what I want as (A[‘success’]/(A[‘success’]+B[‘fail’]))*100 which does work. However, with MetaQueries, the Alert option no longer exists for this panel. How can I alert if I must use metaqueries in order have logic?

Goal #2 - A Table showing dynamic host names from my EA in column1 and custom columns that allow me similar information from above, but with custom queries and calculations per column (essentially a success rate per service).

I’ve added the Tables visualization with the JSON result and was able to add EA event fields/values, but back to not being able to perform any logic on the results and especially per table column. The MultiStat panel plugin seems like it kind of gets there, but

Goal #3 - Alert from SingleStat or “Singlestat Math” visualizations.
There doesn’t seem to be this capability and i’m not sure why.