Manipulate Data in a Table - JSON

Is there anyway in a Table I can manipulate data

Example - Remove the Time or the Date

Example - Just display iPad and ignore replace button

I know I can do it manually by using Value Mapping but that will require me to enter every single date and time.

Please any suggestions I’m so stuck!

Hi @PredictConnor

A few things:

First, if your times are valid timestamps then you can use the unit feature in the standard field options to change the appearance of the date and time.

Grafana has a lot of features that can help you organize, structure, and visualize data, but it’s not really designed for fine-grained data manipulation on a “cell-by-cell” basis, so to speak.

It’s better to think of Grafana as a visualization layer that sits on top various data sources. What does the raw JSON response look like? Where is it coming from, can you control the endpoint, and what plugin are yo using?