Remove the colum Time in the grafana's table

when i used the table show the data ,although i have not add the Time colum ,but it still show in the table ,i donot want it show this colum in the table ,how can i do ?

Which datasource are you using? Depending on the datasource, you might be able to not select the time column in the query and return the data in the Table format.

Another option is to hide the Time column using the column styles option. Instead of Date, choose Hidden in the Type field.

thanks your reply,i use logserver datasoure, i can share your my link to you ,
The link

i have not choose the Time in the query,which my query is
logtype = levellog | SELECT

, COUNT(*) as number from (select COUNT(1) as pv ,topic as uid, (to_unixtime(now()) - max_by(basetime,basetime) )/86400 as offlineDay , max_by(ThisLevelId,basetime) as ThisLevelId1 ,max_by(LevelState,basetime) as LevelState1 from log GROUP by topic HAVING offlineDay >3 and LevelState1=‘win’) where ThisLevelId1<100 GROUP by ThisLevelId1 order by ThisLevelId1 desc LIMIT 100000

i found the solve method ,just hidden it in option ,it is veryeasy

this function need 6 up,at first my grafana is 5.1.3,not have this function .