Hide Time Column in Grafana 7.1.3


I have some table data and need to hide the time column. Older version it was easy to hide in column styles but in version 7.1.3 am not able to find the option to hide the time. kindly please help
thanks in advance

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In v7 you have to use the query Transform tab and click the eye icon next to the fields you want to hide. Note that doing this (at least in v7.1.1) means it does not just hide the field, you cannot even reference the field in variables or links any more.

Which is a bit of a regression from v6 where you could hide fields but still use/reference them.


Thanks very much :+1:

sad to hear that hidden fields can’t be further referenced…i posed a question about tooltips and urls that need to get populated from from “hidden” cell specific data (in table panel) :disappointed:

This is still a problem in Grafana 8 - something that was fixed in 6, regressed, and was never addressed.

You can still use the old table panel from Grafana v6 in Grafana v7 or v8. I still use the old table panel as I think it’s better than the new table panel. I just hope Grafana don’t retire it in future as most of my dashboards rely on it…

Search the forums for “table-old” (with the hyphen) and you will find posts on how to change a v7/8 table panel to a v6 table panel.