How to hide a column in standard "Table Plugin" in Grafana v7?

I’m using Grafana v7.5.5 at Windows OS.
I’m using MariaDB as a data-source.

I have a query like this:
SELECT a, b, c FROM hr_people

This is not a time-series. This is just a regular table.
I prepare a data-link in “Overrides” section for column “a”.
And this link requires data from column “c”.

But the content of column “c” is irrelevant for the user.
It is just some kind of machine unique mark (GUID) to display a relation
between different objects.

I tried all options in “Overrides” section for column “c”.
And there is no option just to hide this column,
but to keep its values to be used in the data link.

The Grafana is so powerfull tool.
I just could not believe nobody had solved this task before.

Thank you very much for any ideas.

With Grafana v7 the devs introduced a new table panel (I will call v7 table but that’s still the table panel in v8 etc). But this new table panel seemed to be a complete new re-write of the old table panel (which I will call the v6 table). So the v7 table was not an evolution of the v6 table.

As a result, although the v7 panel has some good features, it also lost a several good features of the v6 panel and to this date some of those good features are still unfortunately missing.

One such feature is the ability to hide a column but still reference it. The v6 table just hides the column from view, but the v7 panel removes at the data-level so it’s impossible to reference it :frowning_face:

There is some development around this bug/oversight/missing-feature or whatever you want to call it, for example here.

In the meantime, as a workaround you can still use the old v6 table panel in latest Grafana, see my post here

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I have tried to switch to “table-old” and it produced an error in my environment:
Rendered fewer hooks than expected. This may be caused by an accidental early return statement.

As far as I can see they published “Table Old” as separate plugin in Grafana 8.
But I’m a little bit nervous about upgrading to v8. =)

Hmm, I am not sure, I just tried on Grafana v8.1.5 and it worked fine. Said “Panel model updated” and then in the GUI top-right dropdown panel type is says “Table (old)” rather than “Table” although you can never see or select “Table (old)” in that panel dropdown.

If you go to the settings cog and choose “Plugins” do you see “Table (old)” listed under “Table”?

Perhaps on a fresh install of v8 now you don’t get the old table panel installed?

Or try it on a new/blank table panel first. Perhaps the bug occurs if you have a new table panel with certain settings or transformations or something that may not be then compatible with the old table panel?

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My mistake was to change JSON at panel level.
In reality I must set “type=table-old” at dashboard level.

I have managed to switch my table to an “old” style and to hide a column.
But when the column is hidden, it can not be used in data-links.

This is not funny actually.
New table is sexy, but it forbits HTML or markdown inside a cell.
Old table allows HTML (at least I see a partial support of this feature),
but it ignores my attempts to color a text in the cell.

Thank you for your response!
At least now I can choose between “bad new table” and “bad old table”. =)