Hide column in table in v8.0

  • How does one hide a column in the table panel via the user interface?
  • using Grafana v8.0.2 (5c5d45e19f)
  • This question is like Hide column in table v7.0 but v8.0 appears to have a different UI.
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Solution (work-around)

  • This solution works, even though it is a work-around. Be sure to not have other windows of Grafana open when trying to save the panel and dashboard, otherwise the changes might not persist.
  1. Select panel title → InspectPanel JSON
  2. Set “type” to "table-old"
  3. Apply
  4. The visualization should now appear as Table (old) and in the right side will appear Column Styles
  5. Column StylesOptionsName pattern set the name of the column to hide
  6. TypeHidden

Many thanks to @codlord for mentioning the “table-old” solution


Use transformation named “organize fields”


Many thanks @torkel


Would using TransformFilter by name also be an acceptable solution?

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Need to keep this issue open.
The solution to revert to Old Tables in Grafana 8 is a kludge to give the simple capability to hide the time Y-axis.
This gives plenty of cause to roll back to Grafana 6 and stay there.

Just filter by name don’t stay consistent. Whenever I change time range from top right, filters get disturbed. Do you have example of regex can be used in transform > filter by name?

Solved my problem. Thank you.

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There is a new override called “Hide In Table” that provides for a toggle. Allows you to still use the data in the column without having to set the size to “0”.

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