Loki control short-term data in write node

I’am useing mimir
there have short-trem and long-term data
short-term keep in ingester to speedup query
mimir config

    retention_period: 168h

in loki current my log is save to S3
I want to know does loki is like mimr
can control how long the chunk keep in write node ?

I see there have config query_ingesters_within
but how do I control period data save in ingester ?

The following configurations control how long a chunk lives in an ingester (also see Grafana Loki configuration parameters | Grafana Loki documentation):

  • chunk_idle_period
  • chunk_retain_period
  • chunk_target_size
  • max_chunk_age

thank for reply

after I test, it’s look like main limit is chunk_target_size
if size reach config size, the chunk will move from ingester to object storage, right ?
I hope is there have another config can keep chunk a period in ingester to speed up short-term query data
just like mimir doing