Local Browser Time Issue

I am currently having an issue with any Dashboard I try to create, in that Grafana Cloud itself seems to think it is 1-20-1970. This makes it so that if I am pulling Time data, and try to configure it to say, tell me how long it has been since a server was last online, it tells me 54 years ago. Im not sure how I would even go about adjusting this, as currently I have set the timezone appropriately, but it still always thinks it is 1-20-1970. For clarification, my Data source is purely live API connection using Infinity plugin. No Database involved.

The following is what my “local browser time” is always reporting.


Hi @supportb11a !

The default timezone is based on your system time. You can change this in the user preferences section. Click your avatar in the top right, select Profile, and then timezone settings under Preferences.

I found two closed issues where other Infinity plugin users ran into some issues with timestamps:

  1. [Bug] Time resolution only one second when using Time (Unix s) with CSV data · Issue #673 · grafana/grafana-infinity-datasource · GitHub
  2. [Bug] XML Variables query not working · Issue #146 · grafana/grafana-infinity-datasource · GitHub

If the suggestions in those issues do not help, I recommend opening a new issue in the Infinity data source repo: