Using Server Time Instead of Browser Time in Grafana

Hello Grafana Community,

I am seeking guidance on how to configure Grafana to use the server’s time instead of the browser’s. In my current setup, I’m experiencing inconsistencies in displaying time-based data due to the varying time zones of my users. To ensure uniformity across all users and to mitigate any potential confusion, I’d like to have Grafana reference the server time, which is in a fixed time zone.

Could anyone please provide detailed instructions or point me towards relevant documentation on how to achieve this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

FYI: I have looked into those two forum posts ( How to use server time instead of client browser time and Have now being server’s time and not browser’s time)

That’s not possible. If you want to mitigate confusions, then store metrics in UTC timezone and set UTC timezone for your dashboards. Then any user in any time zone will see the same times in UTC (but that can create another type of user confusion).


Thank you for your response, but this solution doesn’t quite address my issue. While timezone discrepancies aren’t the primary concern, we’re experiencing more granular inconsistencies, specifically in the range of seconds. For instance, a user’s device might display 15:00:15 while the server shows 15:00:00. This has led to difficulties in interpreting real-time data and coordinating user actions.

Given this issue, I am still interested in finding a way to synchronize Grafana with the server time, regardless of the user’s device time. If this is not directly possible through Grafana’s configuration, are there any alternative approaches or workarounds that could help achieve the desired outcome? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

I would say that’s not a Grafana’s responsibility.
Run some ntp daemon on all your devices, so they will have a synchronized time.

We also face the same problem.

In our usecase the clients are android tablets without internet connection. The grafana server (and influxdb) runs on an embedded device with a corret time from GPS.

@jangaraj Since andoid does not allow a local ntp server as time source this is unfortunately not an option for us.