Brower Time doesn't fit my local linux time

I live in Seoul, Korea.
I’m using a virtual machine to run Grafana with influxdb and telegraf.

My issue is, Grafana brower time is not my local linux time.
grafana timezone
As this image, Browser Time is United States(even I’v never visited there)

My linux date is “Tue Sep 22 14:11:27 KST 2020” which means linux timezone is Seoul
and I’m pretty much sure Influxdb has perfect time filed values for Seoul time.

If I use ‘Browser Time’ timezone in Grafana, x-coordinate is for Seoul but graph(from influxdb) shows in the future(5 hours later).
If i use ‘Asia/Seoul’ timezone in Grafana, x-coordinate is in the past(5 hours before) and graph(from influxdb) shows at the correct time(Seoul).

Is there any ways to change Grafana’s Browser Time?
or make Grafana not to correct time by itself depends on timezone?
Thanks in advance!