Links are broken after upgrade from 7.x to 8.4.2


We have a problem with the links (HTML links in text panel) after upgrade from 7.x to 8.4.2.$__all_variables&var-UserId=${__user}&var-UserLogin=${__user.login}&var-Type=In
grafana places / symbol before :5000 and link is broken

Grafana is On port 5000 of the same host we have Flask.
If we change FQDN to ip - it works.
If we change grafana host FQDN to any other FQDN - it works too.

Please assist.

Can you please try to include more detailed instructions? What is the most minimal way I can test this?

I created test dashboard. It has only two panels. Both are text type.

IP panel content:


Both links are pointing to our Flask app on the same server as Grafana.

When I press IP link on a dashboard It works. But when I press FQDN link is broken:
(placed underscore in http to prevent link visualisation)
Symbol ‘/’ occurs between FQDN and port.

We upgraded Grafana to 8.4.5 - problem persist.

Please assist, thank you.

Did you ever get this resolved?