How to remove a "grafana" prefix to a LINK

When i create a LINK in the latest version Dashboard, request /ABC is requested to automatically switch to /grafana/ABC.
In the past 6.x version, requested /ABC requested /ABC.
In the 7.x versionDo you have any way to remove /grafana in front of /ABC?
I want to change /grafana/ABC to /ABC

@taewookim1 can you please include a screenshot?

Sorry. I can not upload an image…

The demonstration method is like this.

  1. Settings → Links-> make link(ex. google/test1)
  2. Go to the Dashboard screen and click “LINK”
  3. url is “/grafana/google/test1” ->This is the problem. I want to go to “/google/test1”.

The 6.x version is not certain. In version 5.x, definitely, “Grafana” was not created.

have you tried creating a link in Grafana 8? There is a dropdown option to choose between dashboards and external links: