Link to annother dashboard when clicking on a pie graph

I have a pie graph that shows me an overview of happenings. Marked in a special color are thoese, which went wrong.


I also have annother dashboard, that shows the details.
Is there any way to click on that pie and then automatically link to this other dashboard?
Is it mayby possible to add a pie-chart to a text panel?

I know how drill down links are working or that I can create a html button via text panel, but that is not what I need.

Thanks for help


It’s not possible to click on the pie itself to link to another dashboard. Piechart only supports drill down links.
The text panel does support HTML so there might be a way for you to make it work with iframe.

Hi Patrickdoc,

thank you very much for your answer.
Yes it seems that way. IFrame works, but looks terible (problems with zoom).
I will try to build my own Piechart (The one that is already there + Link feature)