Linear Interpolation has strange behavior

Linear interpolation for the “Graph” Visualization seems to randomly jump between points and changes on every refresh. I want to understand if there is anything that I may be doing that is causing this or simply that grafana is in its early stages still and has an odd bug.

To be clear I am trying to display data from multiple queries on a single graph over a week period. This graph uses lines and points, and the lines look correct for most of the graph, but sometimes jump back and forth in direct lines that are definitely not following the time correctly. Sometime it is correct and has no issues, but on every refresh of the linear interpolation between points will change some and often have the issue of a line cutting all the way through the graph.

I have looked at the data at the points where the strange behavior is ocurring and there is no real difference between those points.

For example a line will go from 34: 19:00:00 to 23: 3:30:00 and back to 34: 19:10:00

My data is being store in Amazon Timestream and is being referenced using a SQL query and then graphing the data.

I have tested using the Time series visulization and when using that one the strange interpolation does not happen, however as far as i know the time series visualization does not have the ability to set multiple y axes for data that is not on the same scale, and the majority of my graphs have ranges that would make most of the data unreadable unless set to multiple axes.
Is there a possiblity in the future for Time Series to have the capability for 2 axes?

7.5 Online Version

What I want.
Fix my Interpolation issue and stop it from creating strange lines that jump all over the graph.
Example of strange interpolation issue

Figure 1

Figure 2

Thank You