Licensing question

We are an enterprise product company(no open-source with fully paid license products) and we want to share grafana / loki with our end customers, Does the current license allows an enterprise org to share the grafana ui with their customers ?

Grafana is Open Source Software. That basically means you can do whatever you
like with it, including changing the source code and rebuilding it, but if you
do that you must give the changes back to the development community.

If all you want to do is use it, you do can use it in any way you like.


You can still secure a license, which will match your needs - Licensing | Grafana Labs

Customers who want to modify the AGPL version and distribute or offer it as a service over a network, and also don’t want to be subject to AGPL obligations to make their modifications available, can contact us to secure a commercial license to meet these needs.