Grafana Enterprise license for on premises


I’d like to use Loki and Grafana with Prometheus to monitor our application installed at the customer.
Grafana products won’t be used by the customer, only by the service team.

I’m good with the basic functionality, no enterprise plugins are needed.

I’m not sure if I can install Grafana Dashboard and Loki alongside with my application and use it with the Enterprise licensed object-code version with the free license.

Does section 1.2 (ii) prohibit this? (transfer, distrubute)

(ii) except as expressly permitted in Section 1.1 above, transfer, sell, rent, lease, distribute, sublicense, loan or otherwise transfer or commercially exploit or make available, Grafana Labs Software Object Code, in whole or in part, to any third party;

Hi @igor250d,

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It is not very clear to understand the question as to our best understanding you are asking if using enterprise binary at your customer’s site to monitor their app is considered a violation of the license?

Maybe provide us with an example use case and then we can understand it better.