Grafana cloud as an observability platform?

Can we use Grafana Cloud as an observability platform, and if so, how?

Hi Carl - yes, in fact many already do - check out our blog on The Trade Desk’s Grafana Cloud migration. With the Standard and Enterprise plans you get hosted metrics (Prometheus and Graphite) & logs (Loki), as well, all working smoothly together, and all managed by us - you don’t have to worry about maintaining and scaling your own Prometheus or Graphite servers. You can connect other data sources as well, but note that there are some data source plugins that are only for the Grafana Enterprise version.

Grafana Cloud Plans

Grafana Enterprise Plugins

Grafana Cloud Prometheus Docs

Grafana Cloud Graphite Docs

Grafana Cloud Loki (Logs) Docs

And when you’re ready to try it out - we do offer a 30 day trial for the Standard plan to get started.

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