What is the best option for the course by a new person in Grafana

Please I’m helping with this recomendation !! Thanks

Hey there! I’m not sure I understand the question, but if you are new to using Grafana and looking for resources, these are a good start:

Grafana University
Deployment options
Demos and feature showcases
Getting started with your metrics, logs, and traces in Grafana Cloud
Intro to Prometheus and Grafana Cloud
Intro to Observability with Prometheus and beyond
Comparing Grafana open source projects to Grafana Cloud

I hope this helps!

Ohhh yes Melody thanks the information is very complete, but exits some academy in where explain the first step or finaly step of configuration of monitoring with de grafana and I don’t know is necessary have the interface with prometheus for the management of data ?

Glad that helped! I think the courses in Grafana University are all for general observability topics so far. The “first step” really just depends on what kind of data you are interested in working with. In general, there are three main methods:

  1. Use agent-based monitoring
  2. Ship Metrics and Logs with remote_write
  3. Visualize data in-place with a direct connection to the datasource

Using the first and third methods means it is not necessary to have your own Prometheus. The first option uses the Grafana Agent as a drop-in replacement for Prometheus and ships data to your hosted metrics instance in Grafana Cloud. And the third method just sets up a direct connection to your data source so you can query and visualize the data wherever it exists.

If you’re not sure what method to use, a good way to find out how others have approached things is checking out the Community Dashboards. Here, other Grafana users share dashboards they built and list the dependencies involved with their design. For example, this dashboard here for NGINX ingress controller shows that they used Grafana, Prometheus, and Singlestat for these dashboards.