AGPL Implications

I have a few questions relating to the AGPL move:

  1. Does this now mean any code committed by people to the public/AGPL repo now cannot be used by Grafana Enterprise?

  2. Any company that is using Grafana internally, any employee is entitled to get a copy of the source of that platform?

  3. If we use any graphs or even static images of graphs, from grafana in another package (e.g. an intranet page) does the AGPL license need to transfer to that package too?

Question 1 is more of a curiosity, while Q2/Q3 will impact us directly.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @rekrii,

We now have a licensing page with a list of confirmed resources about our licensing. I would study these resources first. If you need even more specific clarifications, you can provide additional details here and I can ask some internal teams for guidance.

Hi @mattabrams ,

Thanks for the reply. Looking at it more, I didn’t realise the CLA already had people committing under explicit permissive terms; my assumption was it was license-alike. It’s a bit disappointing that people are expected to commit code and energy in a permissive way, however the codebase is only available under a copyleft AGPL.

As far as I have been able to tell the only way is now to use the free enterprise binaries internally. If we continue to use our tweaked version, then we are required to distribute code. Unfortunately this is a bit of a deal breaker for us.

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