Large numbers / Terrawatts / Plotting

It has been a long day and for the life of me I cannot see the error.

Description of test environment.

Pi with mysql.

I created a test script that pushes some large values into 150 tables every minute. This is more for monitoring data size over time at the moment. You can see from the screenshot the types of numbers we are talking about.

What I would like to to is show this data in watts as a graph?. I can get the graph up but the actual points that are logged every minute are not display in the time frame. As you can see from below the side bar has correctly interpreted the scaling but it fails to display the singular readings on the graph.

Picture below is for last 30 minutes.

Changing the graph to a table I get the following

Also in table view the time appears to be an hour our even though the mysql datetime and ini files have been updated to reflect the correct time?.

I appreciate this is a multi pronged request but what am I doing wrong. More than likely to be something silly. Just a little guidance would be great.

Granted these are huge numbers but I would have though as the scaling has interpreted terrawatts and pettawatts correctly it could have plotted the points.

In short the graph displays but not points of plotting.
In table view I get an hour out even though time zones and mysql are correct.

hello not sure what the question is, can you be more precise?

Apologies for the mixed messages in the original thread. I have now added question marks and moved things around.

----- See below for my updates.

A follow up on this. The graph plotting was actually showing plots in the morning. I had quite possibly not allowed enough logs for the grafana system to show?

The time in tables is still however an hour out. As already mentioned the time zone is set correctly in setting and the ini file reflects UK time.

Time on graph


Following up on my own post for others.

To originally create the table I created a dashboard item and selected table then the query. This gave me an hour out on the table.

I therefore took the original graph panel and duplicated it. Then changed the format as to table and low an behold the time is correct.

Below shows duplicate graph changed to table format and now displaying the correct time.

now i understood the question. but i cannot help.