K6 with DynamoDB

K6 can be used with InfluxDB for data storage and Grafana for visualization.

k6 run --out influxdb=http://localhost:8086/myk6db script.js

In our project, we are using DYNAMO DB. Does K6 supports integration with DynamoDB instead of InfluxDB ?

Sorry, k6 doesn’t support DynamoDB. I’m not very familiar and haven’t used DynamoDB, but from what I can see, I’m not sure it would be very suitable for storing time-series data and things like the metrics information k6 emits. What exactly is your use case?

Approving new DB (Influx) takes time. It requires architectural decisions and also decisions like who will maintain Influx DB, security concerns, OSS clearance, who will update patches/how, impact on EC2 instances etc.

K6, Graphana, Dynamo DB are already approved. So, I was thinking to use Dynamo DB [if supported by K6]

Hey @vishal.lanke, as @ned mentioned, dynamo isn’t supported for output, it’s not something we’ve considered and I believe this is the first time someone has asked about it. k6 is of course an open source tool, so you (or anyone else) are welcome to start working on something on your own, but I imagine it won’t be a small effort and maintaining it would become a task on it’s own.

That said, considering the effort you mention to get new tooling in place as well as maintaining it. I want to invite you to check out the LoadImpact cloud offering which works with k6. That is, you can use k6 as you are right now and output results to our cloud for storage and analysis. You can also run distributed cloud based tests on our infrastructure. There is a free tier that you can use to evaluate to see if this is viable for you (app.k6.io - Performance testing for developers, like unit-testing, for performance).

Full disclosure - I am the Head of CS at LoadImpact, happy to answer cloud questions if you have any!