Prometheus vs InfluxDB

Hi Team,

Currently, we are using InfluxDB 1.x for K6 output and Prometheus for different purposes (non-k6 work) within the project. The recent K6 release comes with Prometheus output.

I have the authority to change the K6 output to any, but I need to justify the audience. Guide me on this.

Hi @Gerard

Awesome that you already want to try the newest k6 Prometheus remote write output.

If you are already using Prometheus, that looks like one of the selling points you have. You can reduce your platform complexity removing the need for InfluxDB.

Also, if you wanted/needed to upgrade to InfluxDB v2, at this time you would need to use the extension. It’s still not part of the core: While the Prometheus remote write output is up to date with the latest version available.

I was discussing this with @codebien and he added some points in favor of k6 Prometheus remote write output:

The main drawback is that the k6 Prometheus remote write output is still experimental. So you could see breaking changes in the future that you need to take into account.

And you should also consider (in most cases it’s not relevant) that InfluxDB timestamps are in nanoseconds precision, while Prometheus has millisecond precision.

I hope this helps.


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