Writing K6 metrics to Influx V1.8.x via Prometheus Remote Write

Hi all,

I want to use Prometheus Remote Write as an alternative of K6 Influxdb output option(because it can’t handle high loads). As Influxdb v1 supports prometheus protocol, I tried the remote write option as mentioned here and there I found that some measurements are missing in the db for the case of prometheus native histogram measurements, I used this flag K6_PROMETHEUS_RW_TREND_AS_NATIVE_HISTOGRAM to be true, but got only the following measurements in the DB,

Any help is appreciated

Hey @neles786,
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Native Histogram is a recent feature for Prometheus. InfluxDB had been released many years ago. I don’t expect it to have the support for Native Histogram types. You have to use the classic stats if you need to flush to InfluxDBv1.